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Let Perx walk you through what we’re about in ZE7A Unit.

Awesome Video Production by….DarklFlight


New Devs on the team, and nearly 1,500 comments with lots of responses from the Dev team including

/u/ps_nicto – Nick Silva, Producer

/u/Wrel – Wrel, Game Designer

/u/DBPaul – Paul Dziadzio, Programmer

/u/Roxxlyy – Roxanne Sabo, Community Coordinator





We do not invite people randomly to our Team. They have to stay with us (in our Squads) for some days and prove that they are reliable players, respecting our rules and other people.

Zeta Unit was not created with high battle rank players. We learned everything from scratch and are doing our best, to be a significant part of the Planetside community.


Our small outfit is different compared to most of the other NC groups. We are a real Team! A community of highly connected people around the world, which are not only seeking a military outfit to play with, but a way to have fun and connect with other people to find new friendships.


One word says it all.

When we are cohesive, when we move as a unit, when the whole squad drops as one from a galaxy on point, this is when we blitz enemies.

If you are not responsive immediately when Squad Lead issues the order to Redeploy, we all fail.


We are a strongly interdependent unit, and a well oiled, cohesive team of people is the most OverPowered damned thing in the game.  Forget Maxes, Furies, PPA scythes and all the other fear-inspiring units around.

A good, cohesive team of less experienced players will beat a poorly coordinated team of much higher-skilled players.  It’s just the way it is.



Our Squads are highly mobile and agile. We do not waste time and deploy throughout the continents within very short time periods, to do what we can best – Kick TR and VS asses and provide NC superiority!

Feel free to explore our website and have fun!

See you on the battlefield soldier!


Zeta Unit Outfit Ops is where the party is at people.

Saturdays & Sundays.

It’s organised, effective, strategic play at it’s finest.

Often Platoon led by PeRXeRs, ZetaUnit’s leader, who has some of the best leadership experience in the game. Having not only led squads & platoons, Perx has lead the entire Briggs server as Force Commander on multiple occasions for ServerSmash tournaments.

Plenty of other well qualified Leaders in Zeta, with Perx & Platinum both having completed the Master Leadership Directive (aka The Shiny Purple Helmet Brigade), and a good number of other ZE7A Leaders on their way to completing the Master Directive prior to the move to Connery.


All Zetas are encouraged to lead both in-house Zeta squads, and also mixed, open, public squads and platoons.

Open squads and platoons are a crucial way that Zetas can develop their knowledge of the game, improve strategic thinking, and learn to multi-task managing units of troops whilst coordinating on Command Chat with other NC squad & platoon leaders from other outfits.

It’s also a vital tool for helping other new players to learn the ropes, and to experience Planetside 2 as it was meant to be played: at scale, with combined infantry, armour & air power.


No-one forces anyone to lead, and you’ll get all the support we can give you when you take up the challenge of leading.  We expect to continue our tradition of being a leading outfit on Briggs, and leadership is fundamental to this.

See the ‘ZE7A Outfit Requirements‘ page for what to equip with your certs on your character, both for effective play as a squad member, and leader.  The Leader of the Month page may also be of interest to you.