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Planetside 2 Aircraft Guides

ESF – Empire Specific Fighter (NC – “Reaver”)

See below for Playlists, Guides and How-To’s on learning to fly, dog-fighting, countering Libs, keybinds for flying in Planetside, mouse settings…whatever you need is probably here.

The guides at Learn2FlyESF still look mostly correct to me.

Can’t comment on damage model data, etc etc, but keybinds, manoeuvres, etc etc look good.

Not an Air Guy – but after learning to fly (like a Drunken Duck)….this definitely looks like it more than covers everything you’ll need to know to get off the ground.  Maybe old, but still a highly valuable resource.   Will add in stuff from MattiAce, other Youtubers, and ZE7A’s as we go along.

Planetside 2 Flight School – ESF

Volume 1

PlanetSide 2: ESF Tutorials Volume 1

Another great set of tutorials, explanations on tactics etc here, by Hader, see his ESF Playlists on Youtube.

If you like a long read, with lots of detail, see Hader’s “ESF Top Gun Guide (How to ESF)” on Steam.

Flying tutorials – ESF

MattiAce’s Planetside 2 Flying Tutorials – very good explanations of what, why & how he is doing things.

See his Youtube channel for other stuff on Infantry etc – also very good information for people wanting to improve their infantry game.

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