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Case 1: Empty Biolab at the beginning

Fast reactions are one of the most important things in Planetside. You can send some people to the Biolab, before you are even able to cap it, just to make sure, that you won’t lose any time after you captured the linked territory to it and send your main forces afterwards. I personally dislike this tactic somehow, because the few people you will send to the Biolab can be killed easily. If there are still no significant enemy forces to defend the Biolab itself, I send all my troops through the teleporter, let them cap the points asap (+gen,SCU) and tell them to regroup around the enemy spawnroom, to make sure that nobody can breach out (including the use of mines, C4 against maxes, LA on the roofs and engi turrets). I tested this tactic quiet often in the past weeks and it worked all the time, because it is very hard to breach the created defense lines. This will only work, if you can get your main force into the biolab, before the enemy defense force.

Remark: theoretically the enemy could use the other teleporters from the surrounding territories or even a sundie on the ground, but because of the short cap time of the biolab, this never happened before.

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of PS2maps.com

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