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Case 3: Heavy defense online – most difficult case

If the biolab got already a significant defense online, you have no other choice, than to distract the defender forces. The main tactic, is the same as in Case 2, but to get your people to the described positions, you need to do some preparations. Main focus, is the north-eastern area of the biolab, where a teleporter room and the aircraft pad with the grav-lifts is placed. You have to distract he enemy forces, by getting their main attention to the nort-eastern area. You can use a sundie on the grav-lifts or the teleporter (if you own it) to do so. Unfortunately there is no other way, than to send approx. ¼ of your forces to the north eastern biolab area, to make a lot of noise and take enemies attention. My experienced showed, that it takes no longer than approx. 30 seconds to get a defending platoon in the direction you want, if you can control the attacker’s engagement. In the meanwhile you have prepared sundies, full with your above described assault squads and few lightenings, to confront hostile vehicles on the ground if necessary. All troops will regroup at the south eastern grav-lift and move up at the same time to rush the points just described in case 2.

I agree, that you need a disciplined and good working platoon for such attacks, but on the other hand I promise you, that I successfully used all described tactics with public platoons. Mostly I have awesome squad leaders, which I really trust and which create good working squads within 30 minutes by kicking everybody who is not willing to do teamwork. So I think everybody should be able to use those “tactics” regardless of the outfit or player skills. Of course in some occasion the tactics also failed, but mostly it was because of wrong or bad regrouping or just awesome enemy defender squads/platoons. Looking to the past, I won all my underpop biolab attacks with this “tactics” and also defended the biolab with underpop in similar scenarios.

Macro- and Micro-Organization

You should always take into consideration, that this simple guide only described the macro-organisation. In fact the micro-organisation is also responsible for a big part of your success. Moving parts of the troops to heavy counter-attacks (for example second level of the gen-room), watching out for Light Assaults trying to C4 your squads, staying away from the doors, deploying AI-Turrets in strategic beneficial positions or just keeping your troops together and holding the moral high or providing new spawn solutions – every bit counts and every bit depends mostly on your platoon/squad leader.

I hope you liked it – cya in the biolabs 😉

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of PS2maps.com

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