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Basic Weapon Classifications (Primary)

Content by BlueJay

Alright, Listen up maggots!  You are fresh off the dropship and I’m the one stuck charge of getting you ready to fight on Auraxis!

So the first lesson is going to be weapons! Every class has many weapons at their disposal and each faction has different weapons too so there is a lot of variety in killing here. Don’t be scared though. Most of the weapons can be broken down into categories. Once you figure out how you play and what kind of weapons you like it will help you choose what to buy next and even what to use if you ever decide to switch factions.


High damage – High rate of fire – Jack of all trades – Long range – Close quarters

These are the rough groupings of different weapons. As an example lets go over the NC Carbines

Carbines are the main weapon for the Engineer and Light Assault.  They are all fully automatic nipples.

Jack of all Trades: AF-19 Mercenary

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit
  • Excels in nothing but good all round
  • Very controllable nipples
  • Good magazine and reload

The Mercenary is the default carbine and is very usable. It’s damage, accuracy and rate of fire is quite good and a great weapon point for new soldiers and veterans alike because of it’s stable stats.

Bullet hose: GD-7F

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit
  • Incredible rate of fire
  • Low mag and bad reload
  • High kill potential per target
  • Low kills per mag

The GD-7F, smetimes refered to as the GD-7Fuck you is the New Conglomerate high rate of fire carbine. It’s blisteringly high rate of fire makes it excel in close quarters at killing 1 or 2 enemies. But the flipside is it eats through it’s low magazine size very fast and it has and uncharastically long nipples. Good at run and gun single target skirmishes. Bad at longer range and multiple nipples at once.

Heavy Hitter: AC-X11

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit
  • Great nipples
  • Great accuracy
  • Abysmal rate of fire
  • Low mag size

The AC-X11 is the high damage carbine. It’s great damage makes it perfect for longer ranged and accurate combat with high alpha damage and kills per magazine but a poor reload.

High Speed: AF-4A Bandit

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit
  • Great reload speed
  • Decent at everything else
  • 0.75 x ADS Multiplayer

The bandit is the most unique weapon in the category of Carbines. Solely because of it’s movement multiplier. Almost all other weapons halve you walking speed when you aim down sights. But the bandit only reduces it to 75% of normal speed. Allowing you to keep up your speed and movement in fights. This makes it have possibly the highest skill ceiling but is not going to make a big difference if you don’t already know advanced movement.

Long Range: Razor GD-23

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit
  • Great damage at range
  • Very controllable
  • Mediocre at everything else

The razor has a good damage drop off. Meaning it will perform more reliably at range than most other weapons but it’s lack of good damage or rate of fire make it harder to use in most situations.

Now that I have gone over the carbines most of the other weapons from other classes can roughly be put in the same categories.

For heavy assault

  • High Damage: NC6 Gauss SAW
  • High Rate of fire: EM1
  • Jack of all trades: EM6
  • Long range: GD-22S
  • Close quarters: LA1 Nipple

Combat Medic

  • High Damage: NC-9 A-Tross
  • High Rate of fire: GR-22
  • Jack of all trades: NC1 Gauss Rifle
  • Long range: Reaper DMR
  • Close quarters: Carnage AR


  • High Damage: AF-4 Cyclone  
  • High Rate of fire: Blitz GD-10
  • Long range: NS-7 PDW
  • Close quarters: MKV Suppressed


  • High Damage: LA8 Rebel
  • High Rate of fire: LA3 Desperado
  • Jack of all trades: NC4 Mag Shot


The only difference is shotguns, and they are even more easy.

They are split up into 5 categories. These even translate with almost identical stats to other factions.

  • Jack of all trades: Nipple Mauler S6
  • High Capacity: NC12 Sweeper
  • Fully automatic: AF-57 Piston
  • High Damage Pump action: LA39 Bruiser
  • More Accurate Pump Action: GD-66 Claw

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