Light Assault – Icarus – DarkFlight

>>>Light Assault – Icarus – DarkFlight
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Light Assault – Icarus Jump Jets – Darkflight

Advanced Light Assault – Ep. 1


I discovered/invented a technique that I call Icarus gliding. As a Light Assault, the only thing making you stand out from other classes is your mobility, and the Icarus is about as mobile as it gets, especially when you utilize Gliding.

This technique primarily effects your anti-vehicle capabilities, your capture point assaults, and your infantry escapes.

Icarus Gliding ep1 Followup Video


This followup video is a compilation of example where I use the glide to maximize my C4ing potential. I demonstrate the ways you can push the physics engines to your advantage.

Advanced Light Assault – Ep. 2


Episode 2 of the Adv. LA guide.
Knowing your environment is crucial to getting the upper hand in a fight. This video details how to use the environment around you to your advantage, and will give you the tools necessary to improve your survivability, and impact in a battle.

Advanced Light Assault – Ep. 3


Episode 3 of the Adv. LA guide.
Here, I cover the way to implement your speed in a fight, and I show you ways you can manipulate enemies to allow you to overcome opponents with greater advantages.

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  1. Simon Goodwin 5th September 2017 at 12:44 am - Reply

    Would be good to see an update on this video, even with a brief diagram of what the intention is. My understanding is that you leap into the air and as you are about touch the ground you fire it again

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