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>>>Little Infantry Guide
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Little Infantry Guide

Content by PerXeRs

Map awareness

  • look at minimap very often, just like you look in your rear view mirror when driving a car in real life.
  • you can find enemy location by looking at tracers and muzzle flash
  • look at minimap even when firing to prevent tunnel vision and flanking
  • Play with the minimap enlarged (default H) and personal peference play with it unlocked.
  • bind zoom in/out with scroll wheel.

Mouse settings

  • Lowering mouse sensitivity and DPI increases accuracy and makes it easier to control recoil. However, this is personal preference if you practice enough with a mouse setting you will get good with it. If you find yourself moving the cursor to far, try lowering the setting.
  • If you choose to do it, lower little by little. you can lower it, in one big go but it will take a long time to get used to it.

Graphical settings

  • Lowering graphics settings increases frames and will make you able to see things clearly without all the glitter.
  • You can change the color of your reticle in the settings ini. The general color is red, hot pink or bright green.
  • Turn off tutorials and missions to remove some screen clutter.
  • Play with the circle health/shields UI

See our Planetside 2 PC Graphics Settings page for quick tips, some more detail, and links out to various resources that really go into detail.

How to practice skills

  • Before a session have an area that you want to improve on.
  • If you really want to, after each death write down what you did wrong. You died because you were outnumbered? you need to focus on running away and choosing when to engage.

For further information, check you have addressed all the points in the ZE7A Unit Planetside 2 Induction.  You can ask an Officer to run you through this when you join ZE7A.


  • prepare a way to leave an engagement and dont be afraid to run away
  • If you are being chased by more than one person, run away near a corner then take one guy out then run away to a different corner and repeat
  • If you are in an engagement against a heavy and you are not a heavy you may need to run away and lure him to you or if possible find a way to flank
  • Its also important to land headshots against heavys as they have more health then you.
  • Play defensively and don’t chase. In most instances they will come to you. If they dont chase, find a different path other than the door he went through.
  • Make sure your guns are loaded (mainly pistol)
  • Dont sit still aiming down sights, you will suffer from tunnel vision and most likely get sniped.
  • If you are unequiped to take out armour eg. no c4, rocket launcher etc then run away from armour.
  • During SS, try to limit medkits because nanites. Being able to pull a sundie, galaxy, max is much more important then winning 1v1 you will have medics around you, let them heal you.


  • Zig zag and move randomly when running away so you are harder to hit.
  • when peaking a corner, dont sit still. peak then run, move fast.
  • Lure enemys to you. If you shoot your gun you will pop up on the minimap. everyone will chase a red dot.

Target acquisition

  • Take out targets that are higher priority.
  • Medics and engineers are the most important, in a point hold if you take out a heavy he will just get rezed. If you take out the medics the point hold will break.
  • Engage targets that you know you will be able to kill. If an enemy is running to a building and will be out of sight, don’t shoot. Instead flank around.

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