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Point Breaches & Holds

Definitely a WIP (Work In Progess), but we are progressing.  Some ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches to breaching & holding below, with example squad comp & loadouts required to be effective.

There is no ‘right way’ to do it (apart from moving in as a unit, not in 1’s and 2’s getting slaughtered)  – just tailor the squad comp to the preferences of the players in the squad, and how they like to play.

Quick overview of what happened with our first practice run for breaches and holds here.

Breaching: Simple Steps

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Why We Need To Use a Variety Of Grenades

Watch the Video to get an idea of how insignificant single, or poorly coordinated grenade throws are, when compared to a little organisation & a quick callout from SL.  Heavy taps his shield, and a ‘close’ but not direct Frag does little.  Just like squad composition consisting of a variety of classes with different strengths, ‘grenade composition’ can work well.  Yeah….try getting this organised on a Friday night…..;-)

Squad Composition Overview

A good, general place to start for a squad of 10 to 12.  Usually in the order below – fill Infiltrator, Medic, Assault, Engi classes in your squad, in that priority. Once you have your Infiltrator & 2 Medics, you could try alternately adding an Assault/Medic/Engi class, rinse & repeat until full.

  • Infiltrator x 1 or x 2
  • Medics x 4 or 5
  • Heavies / LA x 4 or 5
  • Engineer x 1

Suggested Loadouts & Squad Composition

Loadouts, Misc Notes

HSNV Scopes all round if LA / Engi has Smoke.  Loadouts here may be experimental for the purposes of SL-30 Spec Ops on Thursdays, but should always be ‘complimentary’, rather than everyone having the same nades, guns, etc.

See bottom of this page for suggested loadouts for training in VR & live.


If 1, Intel only.  If 2, Intel & Perimeter

Intel: Motion Spotter.  Grenade Bandolier.  EMP Grenades.  Betty/s.
Perimeter: SAS-R / Headshot Tool ;-).  Recon Darts.  EMP Grenades.  Betty/Medkits as req’d.


All – Grenade Bandolier

M1 – Rez Nades.  Shield Bubble. Hunter & Recon darts.
M2 – Rez Nades. Healing Aura. Hunter & Reccon darts.
M3 – Healing Nades.  Healing Aura / Shield Bubble. Sidearm with Darklight.


All – Resist/ASC.

H1 – Concs
H2 – Concs
H3 – Frags

Light Assaults

L1 – Flash Nade.
L2 – Smoke Nade.


Frag / Stickie Nades.  2 x Ammo Packs.  Standard Mana Turret best for cover on stairs etc.  Betties x 3 / Tank Mines.  Underbarrel smoke if available.

Suggestions for Squad Leading

  • The Squad Leader’s role is primarily to ensure that everyone is equipped to be of maximum effectiveness on Breaching.  Then to remind Squad that we change mindset when Holding.
  • Micromanagement is done while grouping up at the Warpgate, before leaving, and before the rendezvous.  That’s when we check our fireteams, loadouts, classes, nades etc.
  • Putting Assault classes in Diamond fireteam makes it very easy for Medics to see them on the MiniMap.
  • Advise the Assault classes they are free to pull Maxes as required.  Heavies/Maxes are favoured for room breaching- but one or 2 LA’s, especially at bases like Heyoka Chemical, can be devastating.  And important for beacon rotation / good placement on the roof, towers etc.
  • Once we’re setup at Warpgate, in fireteams, then it’s rendezvous at Squad Way & move to target.
  • Your involvement then as Squad Leader will be absolutely minimal on point, as disciplined comms on point, and intel from the infiltrator(s) outside will inform the decision making of all members.
  • The team basically runs itself after you call for ‘grenades in 3, 2, 1….’.
  • Then it’s pure carnage, a joy to behold 😉

Intel – Infiltrator(s) & LA(s)

  • The Infiltrator(s) & LA(s) will ideally be some of the more vocal squad members on breaching, and after securing.
  • Their eyes & ears outside the hold room are invaluable, and they will immediately feedback any enemy approaches to squad.
  • Intel is crucial.  If there is an enemy Motion Spotter up, it needs removing ASAP.
  • Our Motion should be up at all times.
  • These are the 2 main priorities during the fight for the Intel Infiltrator.
  • The LA(s) will work to cover our Infiltrator from above, keep beacon alive, take down enemy beacon, C4 Max Crashes, etc.
  • EMP’ing is obviously crucial during breach.
  • Intel is best gathered outside.  Don’t be in the point room after we have breached & secured.
  • Feed back any intel on enemy troop movements to squad.  Numbers, classes, direction from / to.
  • If there is a 2nd Infiltrator:- #1 will be Intel, and #2 will be Perimeter defence.
  • Infiltrators working in tandem should work nicely for our Motion Spotters, and enable the Perimeter infiltrator to focus on finding spots with good lines of fire (anywhere with enemy running in a straight-ish line towards you) to get some nice picks on any incoming forces, take out enemy infiltrators, etc.
  • With 2 Infiltrators – after securing, work together outside to lock down one single approach (e.g. balcony stairs at T.I. Alloys) so enemy are forced through e.g. short stairs.  You will be able to at least ‘soften them up’ with an EMP before they try to push back in.
  • The Infiltrator(s) always go in first, or gets motion up just outside, if we are approaching an unknown situation to give us eyes & ears – intel on the situation before we approach as a group.  It means waiting 10 seconds for him/her to go in.  That’s it.  We’re not in a hurry about this 😉


  • If we’re going serious about practising this & getting better at it, always always always take the time to group up, even if it means losing the base.  It’s essential to get in the right habits, or we’ll just continue trickling in, in 1’s 2’s and 3’s, and getting butt-plugged by Vanu infiltrators.
  • If we’re serious about improving breaches & holds, and that’s what we’re practising for 30 minutes, just forget about the map, and anything that is not immediately threatening our position at our location.  We reset our minds at the Warpgate, just as we do for Sunday Ops.
  • Grouping up will come more quickly as we all become more aware of what’s happening, and hit the U key faster.
  • If we’re practicing this, as we’re getting going, don’t pick bases with 1m 16seconds left to save them, as it will lead to chaos while we’re practicing points & breaches as everyone rushes.
  • We don’t want chaos for us – we want to cause chaos for the enemy 😉
  • Always rendezvous on route to the target somewhere – set a rally point with Squad Waypoint close to the expected engagement, then move to the drop point together, group up outside, nades in, heavies in, medics after.
  • If you don’t understand the Power of Breaching as a Unit after ‘nading the point with complimentary grenades, watch the short video at the top of this page.

Serious Comms

When on point, keep Comms exactly that.  On Point.

  • Do shout politely for rez / heals & give your location & floor, asap so Medics know who & where you are.
  • Do shout for enemy targets e.g. “enemy push small stairs” – “I’m down – 2 enemy still up”
    • (in this scenario give us a chance to clear the stairs before calling for a rez from a Medic)
  • Do advise if Gal / Valk drop incoming.
  • Do not tell anyone what bases are falling to the TR or VS, that you just got teamkilled, that someone is hacking, that infiltrators or MAXes are OP, or what colour knickers you’re wearing.
  • Focus – nothing immediately threatening this point matters, at all. (the point or room PL or SL orders us to take or hold).

Future Developments

There are a multitude of things we can experiment with going forward for breaching & holding.

Just an example of experimenting with Heavy fireteam – E.g.:

  • Experimenting with Heavy Loadouts –
    • 2 Heavies breach with Shotguns – clear entrance / corners
    • 2 Heavies breach with Anchor / Gauss – clear point
    • Then leapfrog the 2 Shotgun heavies ahead to next doors / choke point
    • 2 LMG Heavies then clear long & short stairs

Basically just leap-frogging 2 shotgun heavies, and 2 lmg heavies, maximising their firepower at the appropriate ranges as we clear the point / gen room / building.

Lots of room for experimentation with classes, playstyles & fun along the way.

All classes should eventually get used to checking with each other that they have complimentary loadouts for a good mix of grenades, medics with bubble & shield regen, sidearm with darklight / Hunter for extra recon, etc.  Lots of stuff to test & fine-tune as we go along, and plenty to play around with.

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