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Written by Perxers.  Perxers is the Outfit Leader for ZE7A, and has over 3 years experience leading squads, platoons, and Commanding the entire force of the Briggs Server 4 times for ServerSmash events.  He knows a thing or two about takin’ names & cappin’ bases.


This is a small guide for platoon and squad leaders, which tries to explain some basics of map strategies. It shouldn’t be taken as fixed rulebook, since it only tries to explain, how to use or create every single bit of benefit you can get.

Maybe a lot of people will disagree with some points, but overall it should help other leaders, which haven’t paid much attention to their activity on the map in the past, to gain a deeper understanding on superior macro coordination.


This whole guide is based on the game mechanics after the first recourse revamp and needs major adjustments as soon as future updates are implemented.

Add to this, that it is pure poison for any kind of “farm – players” since it focus completely on the map and ignores factors like: good fights, gaining a good K/D or earning XP/Cert points.
The term “frontline”, which will be used quite often, does not represent a fixed, World War 1 fashion border. It is only meant to describe the border territories of all factions.

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of

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