7 – Enemy Platoons

>>>7 – Enemy Platoons
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7. An enemy platoon is attacking and my squad is alone trying to defend them

The main micro target of every leader should be to win fights in underpop or to delay a significant bigger force. Both cases are a superior use of your recourses and cause heavy damage to the strategic gameplay of the enemy. If you have a single squad and you are alone confronted with a much bigger enemy platoon, you should try to ignore them and just distract their forces by starting attacks at 1-cap-point bases, until the enemy reaches a 3-point-cap base with one of the cap-points placed in a big tower or other bases, where the cap-point is close to your spawnroom. This is the moment where you should try to confront the enemy directly, by only holding the cap-point inside of the tower, which will cause the enemy a delay of not less than 20 minutes! Since your spawnroom is inside of the tower and the cap point just one jump away, you should be easily able to achieve that objective. It worked for me personally on countless occasions. If you can delay a 3 time bigger force for 20 minutes, you have squeezed every single bit of effectivity out of your squad. In some cases, you are even able to receive reinforcements, flip other cap-points or take down the enemy spawns, what will buy you even more time or turn the outcome in a victory for you. Believe me, this moments are pure gold!

Bases which provide you that opportunity are also called “pop sinks”.

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of PS2maps.com

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