6 – Huge Epic Fights

>>>6 – Huge Epic Fights
6 – Huge Epic Fights 2016-12-06T00:56:53+00:00

6. Big epic + 200 man fight going on – what to do?

Whole platoons are often stucked in areas, where several hundred people are fighting each other. Since most of the other areas will be quiet empty at that time, there is no way to justify the waste of your own resources there. If you have not a significant force to break the engagement, you should try to use the opportunity and capture more important areas or the surrounding bases where the fight is happening, what will bring your faction much closer to a victory of that battle. If you can break the battle and turn it into a win for your faction, you should always consider, that you release a very big enemy force, which will immediately start to attack you on other frontlines.

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