3 – Warpgate Importance

>>>3 – Warpgate Importance
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3. Importance of the warpgate

The warpgate is your central hub. Everybody can pull everything at any time, if they have enough Nanites. It is the main supply base for every faction and the major regroup point for squads or platoons. You can get the same supplies on other major facilities, but the majority of people still tend to regroup at the warpgate.

If an enemy reaches your warpgate, there is not much room for strategic discussions anymore – fall back and secure it. If you don’t do so, nearly every single member of your faction, who spawns at your warpgate with a vehicle or aircraft, is forced to cross or pass an enemy territory which will confront him with the risks we have just described above. As leader who tries to see the whole picture of the situation, you should take the initiative for your faction and get rid of this significant disadvantage.

The case in the picture above is a good example, where a larger force is defending a remote and surrounded base while a Territory next to the warpgate is about to be capped. The forces from the remote base should immediately fall back and push for the territory next to the warpgate.

Note: The logic of the “frontline circle concept”, can also be extended to other major facilities like Tech-Plants, Amp-Stations, Bio-Labs or other 3 point-bases which are hard to captured and easy to defend. By doing so, you can even increase your effectivity on the map, but which will also result in a more complex gameplay with more factors to consider by every decision.

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of PS2maps.com

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