1 – Supplies & Deploying

>>>1 – Supplies & Deploying
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General note – Supply corridor:

Planetside is a very dynamic game, where normally borders aren’t defended all time, what makes it theoretically easy to pass enemy Territory directly. Never the less, you will always be confronted with disadvantages if you do so. Tank mines on the road, much higher probability to be confronted with enemy vehicles or aircrafts or armed enemy AV and AA turrets are just waiting for people to be careless and haughty.

There are much more reasons, why you should avoid unnecessary crossing of enemy controlled areas. Many points of this guide are based on exactly that assumption and try to help you to understand, why it is important to change your territory allocation in a sustainable way to receive that little benefit here and there, which most of the people don’t pay attention to.


With the possibility to “redeploy” in planetside, you can often bypass any transportation delay and just spawn in your target area directly. Never the less, this option is not available, if your population in the hex reach 50+ % (if you own the base). You can spawn in again, ones your squad-leader is in the hex or somebody created a squad-spawn (Sundy, beacon…). This possibility lead many many people to call Planetside “Redeployside”. Although “Redeploy” affects nearly every single bit of this guide and can even neglect some points in special cases, you can still earn small benefits, if you try to adapt the basic system and understanding behind it.

Advanced Map-play can be complicated and you won’t find answers to many questions here. But you can get a feeling, in which direction your answers or solutions can go.

Live Briggs Maps, courtesy of PS2maps.com

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