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Install & Setup Teamspeak

Watch the 2 minute video on the right, add Zeta TS Server as a Bookmark.

  • ZetaUnit Teamspeak Server Address: zeta.teamspeak.de
  • Open Teamspeak when installed
  • Click Bookmarks
  • Manage Bookmarks
  • Add Bookmark for Zeta Server (zeta.teamspeak.de)

Notes for Trainer:

  • Keyboard Shortcut – How is X for them?
  • Check volumes
  • Receiving okay?
  • Transmitting okay?
  • Whisper List for Outfit Ops (see Teaching & Training channel in Teamspeak for quick 3 or 4 step instructions)


Teamspeak Requirements.

Teamspeak is a requirement to join Zeta, and is especially important so that we can communicate who is pulling what vehicle for specific Armoured Formations / Combinations.

If your Mic is a cheap Mic – don’t worry.  Just use it & ask “is my Audio clear in Teamspeak” when you’re setup, and we can help you tune it until it is understandable and clear.

If you have personal reasons why you don’t use a Mic, just inform an Officer so that Leadership is aware, and possibly take a look at The Voice Macro keyboard shortcuts in the Induction section, and the links to Teamspeak Soundboards below.

Accessibility – Teamspeak Soundboards

Soundboards are programs that run on your PC, and can play a sound through your Teamspeak channel.

Recording audio that says “bishop pulling sundie / vanguard / harrasser” etc would be useful in this scenario.

You can use a free online speech synthesizer for specific callouts.  Just listen in-game to standard callouts.

Couple links for you below.

Free online Speech Synthesizers – Google Search

Teamspeak Soundboards:



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