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The VR Room

Every continent has a VR room.  The Console in the middle of the main room in the Warpgate is where you switch continents, and also where you switch to VR.

  • Go to Warpgate
  • Centre Console
  • VR > Warp to VR
VR Map, Planetside 2

VR – Important Areas

The main areas we’ll be covering for your initial training are:

  • A – Paper Cutout / Torso Targets – Good for viewing bullet spread
  • B – Range – Full Size NPC Targets
  • C – Quadrant – Full Size NPC Targets, Armour & Air Vehicles. Approachable from any direction / distance, with realistic terrain.

VR – Basic Weapon Handling

Once you’re in the VR room, head straight to basic weapon handling & practise to get up to speed.

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