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Follow the steps in the video to get a good idea of basic weapon characteristics, compensation, and burst firing.  After checking the other VR pages in this section, practise this before every session with your preferred weapon & attachments.

Once you’ve got the basic weapon handling characteristics down, head to the Range to get some attachments, and target practise on NPC’s.

Trainer’s Notes

A – Downstairs – Paper Torso Targets

  • (*Gauss Saw will give very easy to see results when practicing here if they are unsure what class/weapon they want to use – use forward grip, 1 x red dot sight, compensator.  The SAW is also perfectly accurate on 1st shot.)
  • Begin by demonstrating full clip with no recoil management, hip fire.
  • Repeat with ADS, no recoil management.
  • Good opportunity to check their graphics can see bullet holes – Textures needs to be High or Ultra to see these
  • Then to full clip, ADS with recoil management (to demonstrate COF & Bloom results)
  • Then to full clip burst firing (to demonstrate the improvements when ‘resetting’ the COF & Bloom)

Video Text

Training – VR – Basic Weapon Characteristics

Okay, so to look at some basic Weapon Handling – we’ll head to VR.

Spawn in at the Warpgate – every continent has a VR room.

The Console in the middle of the main room in the Warpgate is where you switch continents, and also where you switch to VR.

Press E, and select the Virtual Reality (training room)

Once you’re in, head around the corner to an Equipment Terminal (these are located at various points to resupply & test different weapons and attachments)

Everything in VR is free – you don’t need to purchase anything with Certs.

To start with – we’ll be looking at the Gauss SAW, with no attachments.

Select a Heavy Assault, find the Gauss Saw in the weapon list

Equip it, and make sure you have no sights or other attachments

Now, lets head downstairs to the cutout target area.

I usually start at the closest set of ‘double lines’ on the floor.

Video Text Continued

First thing – just aim from the hip (don’t right click to use the default sight)

Now just press Fire, and don’t move your mouse at all – just let the whole clip empty out uncontrolled.

You should be able to see your bullet holes on the targets clearly.

(If not, press Escape > then click the ‘gear’ icon in the bottom right of the screen > click Graphics – about 3rd down the menu on the left > then look for ‘Textures’, select ‘Ultra’ from the drop-down menu & Save your settings. You might need to restart after doing this. Do it – it’s worth a couple of minutes)

So – assuming you can see your bullet holes – it should look like one hell of a mess.

The SAW is not great at hipfire to start with – we can see that.

Now, lets look at what is handles like with the default ‘iron sight’ that comes with it.

Right click for your sight, hit fire, and again, don’t move the mouse to correct your aim.

The idea here is just to see which way the bullets go naturally, to give you an idea of what to do when you are correcting your aim.

Rinse and repeat now that you can see which way she goes – and try dragging the mouse in the opposite direction to which you saw the bullets going before.

It will probably get messier, the longer you hold down the trigger – so now, just try bursts of between 5 and 10 shots at a time. You’ll notice the gun ‘resets’ when you stop firing briefly, and the aim becomes good again.

Okay, that’s the basic characteristics of the SAW. But you can do this with absolutely any weapon you like for free in VR – when you’re asking around for e.g. ‘what weapon should I get for my Medic/Heavy’ etc – get a few suggestions from guys in Zeta that play that class regularly, and then come to VR to test it out ‘naked’ with no attachments, and then with the recommended attachments also.

Next Video > Equipping the Gauss SAW.

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