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VR Quadrant Area

Primary, Secondary, Rocket Practise

VR Quadrant Area, Planetside 2 New Player Training

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C – Quadrant Area Adjacent To Range

Trainer’s Notes


Start in centre, rotating clockwise, burst firing at head, acquire next target.  Rinse & repeat until clip empty

Repeat counter-clockwise

Repeat clockwise/counter-clockwise until out of ammo


  • Use NPC’s, vehicles & terrain to practice ‘slicing the corner’ / cover / muscle memory / target acquisition
  • Then advise progressing to: Running > switching 90 / 180 to practice muscle memory / target acquisition, and getting the timing right for when crosshairs / cone of fire reduce after landing.


  • Sidearm practise – start just by one-on-one with an NPC, sidearm equipped, rotating around the target & maintaining crosshair placement on head.
  • Once comfortable (now is a primetime when mouse settings could be looked at), start same drill but firing.
  • Then repeat similar drill as Primary – using 2x scope (suggested), NPC’s for ‘cover’, and headshotting.


  • Use it for Armour, Air, and when out of ammo for Primary & Secondary.  Get timings down for peeking from cover, ADS, fire off shot, back into cover etc.
  • Targetting the arse of the Prowler whilst peeking from behind Lib is a suitable place to start with e.g. a Decimator.

Video Text

Right, so in the last 2 videos, we looked at basic Gauss SAW control downstairs at the Cutout Targets, and then in the 2nd Video, we equipped the SAW with some attachments, and looked at ways to use the Range targets at different distances.

So – we’ll head to VR.

Spawn in at the Warpgate – every continent has a VR room.
The Console in the middle of the main room in the Warpgate is where you switch continents, and also where you switch to VR.
Press E, and select the Virtual Reality (training room)

In this video, we’re going to head over to the Quadrant area, with the SAW equipped as before – 2 x sight, Compensator, Advanced Forward Grip, and High Velocity Ammo.

Grab that, head over to the edge of the VR platform here, drop down & get in the centre of the 4 targets on the grass here.

Just crouch in the middle to start with, and go counter-clockwise through your clip, picking them off & focussing on head shots.

Then rinse & repeat in the opposite direction.

Don’t switch back directions until you’ve dumped through your clip. No scientific data to back this up as far as I know, but I’m pretty sure it’s better for your muscle memory to start with.

Practise Q-spotting them to get the triangle, or ‘dorito’ above the head if that helps to start with.

I’ve got the Rangefinder implant equipped, just so you can see an accurate measurement of the distance the target is at on my HUD – just there by the crosshairs.

But you could use the Enhanced Targeting implant to give you an idea of how much damage you’re doing to the target – you have to Q-spot the target for that health bar to show.

Just use whatever Implant you like – these 2 might be useful for you to start practising in VR.

Once you’ve gone around 100 rounds left & 100 rounds right, head back up to the VR platform.

I’ll grab Enhanced Targetting to show you that while we’re here.

Don’t stand actually ‘inside’ as it were in VR – you might get some funny stuff going on with the sight as your shots seem to register on an invisible shield around the VR – it’s okay over the wall on the ledge here, or over here on the rock.

Jump up – crouch down, aim down sights, and start burst-firing at heads.

Come out of ADS in between targets to get used to snapping your crosshair to heads.

Couple of hundred rounds left in the SAW after you’ve been down in the middle of the Quadrant in both directions, should be plenty.

Then whizz down when you’re out of ammo for some sidearm practise.

First, just rotate around the target, and get a feel for holding that crosshair on their head.

Again – just stick to the same direction, go through all the targets, then re-up at the Equipment terminal to go in the other direction.

Once you’ve burned your ammo for your secondary this time, just practise with your launcher.

Prowler over there is a nice juicy target with a big fat arse, so punch a few in that, and get into the Warpgate to put practise into action.

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