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Squad Leadership Introduction

Some Quick Hit basics below – ask during Ops if you’d like to have a go at leading a squad or platoon.

  1. First thing to get is your Spawn Beacon, which is a requirement for Promotion (see Promotions page in the Battle Library for more details)
  2. Spawn Beacon
  3. Choosing Objectives
  4. Grouping up
  5. Fireteams
  6. Setting Waypoints
  7. Getting There
  8. Gals, Valks, Sundies, INSERT from Warpgate to deploy near SL, I-key for Instant Action sometimes, letting Squad know about these.
  9. Using comms / Using Command Chat
  10. Region Chat – Assign to Member to post Every 15 Minutes – this text fits in the chat box limit:-
    1. /regionsay ZE7A UNIT Ops. Public Platoon is Open. Combined Arms, Infantry, Armour, and Air. Join us
  11. Proxie Chat – will get some, at least, friendly units pushing when we do if we count down “nades in in 3,2,1….., and push-push-push”.
  12. Q-menu – setting primary objective for point/gen etc.
  13. Red/Orange/Yellow/Green  Smoke – useful for all allied troops, good if other non-squad players at base
  14. Attack/Defence markers – influences where friendly forces deploy if you see a small enemy force capping a base way off our lane – stick a Defensive Waypoint on it, a lot of the time, it’s job done & you dont need to think about it again.  YMMV, but sometimes, is better than no-times 😉
  15. Map Drawing Tools

(* also check ZE7A Planetside 2 Strategy & Tactics Bible for relevant info to use)

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