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Planetside 2 Vehicle Guides

VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION:  Vehicles are designed and produced and cannot adapt so designing your vehicle to do a specific task then executing that task without going off mission is how you survive and be effective.


Further details on individual Vehicle types below.



SUNDERER:  These tough versatile vehicles almost always fall into the combat category they are the work horse of almost every fight bringing firepower and  potentially hundreds of troops with them to the battlefield.  For this reason they are high value targets that need to be protected and eliminated.

Battle Bus: “Battle Buses” are defined by the use of blockade armor which provides a large amount of protection on the move but less than a shield when deployed.  They are large easy targets that rely on a crafty driver and thick blockade armor to survive.  An effective Battle bus must have maximum blockade armor and fire suppression along with weapons most suited to the environment it is fighting in and the expected or intended targets.

Repair Bus: The “Rep Bus”, “Fix Bus” or “Rep Ball” is defined by the use of nanite proximity repair when used with a close group of Repair Sunderers forms a large and potentially dangerous formation.  When fully loaded with disciplined accurate gunners and led by an experienced commander the formations can prove near to unstoppable or equally poorly led or under manned can explode disasterously.  Fit them with fire suppression of shield difusers depending on the target.

Deployment Sunderers:  These vehicles represent troop transport vehicles and are usually only driven to a target facility and deployed for friendlies to spawn at to attack.  Their weapons should be appropriate to the area they are deployed and for defending themselves from attack.  One anti vehicle and one anti aircraft weapon is usually ideal however anti infantry weapons in certian situations can provide friendlies with fire support and good protection.

Logistics:   Logistics ammunition supply sunderers are fairly rarely seen but on occasion critical.  Mostly vehicles are either destroyed having never expended all their ammo or victorious and resupplied at bases.  Sometimes rushing supplies to friendlies or making sure a base is adequately supplied can be a vital feature.  Worth popping a couple levels into for the rare occasion you need to rush supplies to a protracted battle.

See more detailed role-specific Sunderer Guides in the Battle Library > Vehicles section



HARASSER:  The harasser is highly versatile and defined by its speed and maneuverability.  Best suited to recon they are also highly effective combat vehicles although when presented with even mild opposition must withdraw or be destroyed.  Perfect for hit and run attacks and reconnaissance.

The harasser is so adaptable and versatile there are no real set setups.  What is known is that the coordination required between driver and gunner is of highest priority and once developed is an amazingly deadly combination that can destroy huge amounts of enemy equipment for little requirements in manpower or resources.  Harassers can also be deployed in swarms or gangs that can prove decisive if the terrain permits.

LIGHTNING LIGHT TANK:  The lightning tank is a small low profile one man armored fighting vehicle that can mount a few different weapons enabling it to suit itself for different environments.

Anti Armor:  When fitted with AP the lightning while not devastating is quite potent and able to effectively contribute.  Very good for scouting ahead of a main force or supplying second line support firepower to a main group.  If placed on the front line with little room to move they will not last long.  The best solution for recon and fire support if you only have one man.

Anti Air Artillery:  The lightning can be fitted with the “Skyguard” AAA turret which will provide an amount of deterrent to enemy aircraft in the area although one lone sky guard is no obstacle to experienced airmen and will only find itself their primary target and eliminated quickly.  Best deployed in conjunction with a rep bus support or in a 2-3 tank battery.

Anti Personnel:  using high explosive rounds or a viper light cannon a lightning can provide highly effective fire support or deterrent.  If a tank using these weapons finds itself isolated it will not generally be alive long unless it can return to friendly lines quickly.

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