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The UnOfficial Zeta Sunderer Guide



The Sunderer is a twelve man transport vehicle that is used as a spawn for when deployed, it has two gun slots that both have access to: Basilisk, Kobalt, Bulldog, Fury, Walker, Ranger. These vehicles are unsurprisingly a big target and are not very maneuverable, making it a easy high value target. Being very cheap at only 200 nanites, it can turn into a cost-effective tool of destruction when kitted out properly, the support vehicle that reinforced a armour column or the main tool used for capping bases.

Sunderer Sundering



The Sunderer having the ASM standardises it as the backbone of all base captures.

For a offensive deployment Sunderer to be a ‘good deploy’ it must have:

  • Cover
  • A short route to point
  • A safe way to the base
  • Drop mines at common paths of enemy tanks going to the sunderer

Keep in mind that you can’t deploy to close to the base and friendly sunderers because of the no deployment zones these are shown as red and white circles. (there is a bug around and they may not appear in some bases)

Sunder garages are usually the best option for a good deployment, all you really need is a deployment shield and your set.

For a good defensive deployment it is important for you to be as close as possible to the point, unlike the offensive sunderers a defender does not have to worry about a no deployment zone emitting from the base as it is friendly this will require you to get into some bases despite the map design’s best efforts to keep you out.

For your weapons you’ll want to be AA, AT and AI sunderer so one Fury and one Walker is the best for this but duel basilisk can work as well.

Battle Bus:

The battle bus if used correctly with good gunners can kill anything in its sights, if you want to decimate the battle field grab friends, and grab this. For AV you want to grab a Duel Fury bus or a Basilisk/Fury Bus, basilisks doing the most damage at long/medium range, and Furys lay waste to anything that isn’t flying at close range, for AI you want a Kobalt/Fury. Kobalts can snipe infantry at range with pinpoint accuracy, and the fury for killing squads up close, for your defensive slot you’ll want to run Blockade Armor.

Ammo/Repair Sunderers:

Ammo and repair sunderers are a tank’s best friend, they can make their path of destruction a lot longer by giving constant ammo or reps, you’ll want to run Double Walkers or Basilisk/Walker, with Ammo Dispenser or Prox Repair. Just don’t be directly behind them so the tank is unable to retreat to cover.

Overwatch Sunderer:


Sunderer Train/Ball:

A sunderer train is when you get 2-infinite sunderers, the more you have the more destructive power/longevity you have. The idea of the train is your sunderer repairs the sunderers around you with prox repair while they repair you, so you must have a lot of DPS to crack one, the higher level prox repair goes into the center you the train can last longer. Prox repair does not stack so try to have at least two level 6 prox repair to increase longevity. You’ll want to run dual basilisks because of the versatility, the mass amount of them will kill anything very quick.

Amp Station/Tech Plant Breach Sunderer:

A breach sundy is used to spam the area inside the shields of Amp Stations and Tech Plants with prox rep similar to a Sunderer train only difference is this has with dual furys and a compulsory GSD

Basic Tips

  • When driving you never want to go first person as being third person is the only source of information if you getting C4 or tank mines placed on you and can call out targets for you gunners easier. If you are finding it difficult to spot without a sight, crosshair overlay can help you spot enemies at any range with ease.
  • Use comms, this can easily increases your longevity by 100%, from just calling out targets/threats that you see in your third person view.
  • For battle buses specialisation is better than diversity for weapons on guns. Eg, it’s better to have a Kobalt and a Fury for AI then a basilisk and a Kobalt for AA/AV/AI.

What to cert out first:

To get your sunderer up and running i’m just gonna give my 2certs on what to upgrade first to get a basic sunderer up.

  1. Deployment shield level 1 and 2 OR blockade level 1 and 2 – 150 certs
  2. Fire suppression level 1 – 30 certs
  3. GSD level 1 – 100 certs
  4. Sights for your basilisks – 2 certs
  5. Level one rival or racer- 100 certs

For a total sum of a small 382 certs you have a sunderer that can handle itself in the heat of battle

More Advanced stuff


Learning how a vehicle moves in planetside is the most important piece of knowledge any experienced sunderer driver can know.


Momentum is how you can squeeze through gaps that are smaller than the sunderer itself the weird and wonderful physics of this game make impossible things possible eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ac7cGVKG9I&feature=youtu.be this video shows that with the momentum gained from the run up we were able to push the front wheels down and slide the top of the sunder though the door which was impossible without it

Keeping Momentum:

Keeping Momentum:

A few tricks to gaining momentum quickly and keeping momentum are:

When you are going from a standstill and want to get maximum speed quickly you can press w hold it for 0.5s, release and hold it for 0.5s release and keep doing this until you notice your vehicle has stopped ‘changing gears’ then just hold w.

A thing to note is that if you turn your vehicle you lose speed so keep in a straight line as much as possible if you are wanting good momentum, this is also useful if you are on low health running from tanks with good aim you want to avoid serpentine and go in straight line towards safety this is because experienced tankers can usually hit a target while serpentine unless at range so at close ranges you would take less shots to drive in a straight line.

Advanced Certing:

My 2certs on what to cert out in order

  1. Blockade to max
  2. Fire Suppression to max
  3. Front Fury with thermals
  4. Max rival or racer
  5. Deployment Shield to max
  6. Prox Repair to level 5
  7. Back Fury with thermals
  8. Back Walker with 1.5x
  9. Max GSD
  10. Max Prox Repair
  11. Max out magazine size on Furys
  12. Front Walker with 1.5
  13. Max out ammo capacity on Furys
  14. Max out magazine size on walkers
  15. Max out ammo capacity on walkers

Dodging Strafing runs/rockets:

This is perfected over time but the jist of it is when fighting vehicles at least NEVER stand still no matter how much your gunners are yelling to stop   so they can fire. Turning constantly can break line of sight  from liberators and low-skill ESF pilots, it is also useful against rockets from HA if your movement is more erratic.

Useful tactics to know:

Out repair:

this is really quite simple when you notice your along way from cover and you are almost in red health you stop deploy, tell your gunners to get out and repair with them, repair until your full health, if your repair gun over healthy resupply at the Sunderer and it instantly cool down making so you can keep consistent repairs.

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