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Zeta V Guide Video

1 x Vanguard, 1 x Sunderer, 3 x Crew


  • 3 Engineers with Flak.  
  • 1 x Vanguard – MineGuard, Racer, Shield
  • 1 x Max Proxi Rep Sundie with Basi & Walker (*update Nov 2017- Ranger is now far more viable).  
  • GUNNER IS SHARED, using Vanguard top-gun, Basi, or Walker/Ranger as appropriate to immediate threats in the area.

The Gunner, being Shared, has a lot to do –  and always needs to maintain awareness of threats to use the appropriate weapon – top gun on Vannie, or Walker on bus, calling out Priority Targets as they will often have the best view on the basi / walker.

Always rep the AA rep sundie, or you’re a sitting duck & will get roasted by Libs & ESFs.  Use it to cock-block enemy when necessary, repping the Vanguard for free.

Follow in the tracks of your Vanguard during transit, and when unsure if Mines ahead – Vannie will save sundie, sundie will then rep vannie.

When engaging enemy, Sundie Driver offset to the left of your Vanguard’s rear so they have freedom to advance/retreat.

Drop Spitfire turrets all the time to detect C4 Fairies.


  • Leader Callout: “Diamonds – Zeta V”
  • Give location to pull from and clear objective for mission.
  • E.g. “Pull from Tech Plant, Destroy enemy spawns at Matthersons Triumph from the South
  • Squad Members callout: name and position.
  • E.g. BlueJay: “Vanguard” – DocAmmo – “AA Pulling” – Farfail – “Gunning”.

Job done.

Why It Works


  • 3 x Crew – all take Flak Armour
  • Spitfire Turrets
  • Tank mines


  • Mineguard
  • Racer
  • Shield
  • AP
  • Halberd/Enforcer


  • Max Proxi Rep
  • Racer
  • Fire Suppression
  • Basilisk
  • Walker

Watch the videos to see how effective, and safe, a 3 man crew can be with 1 x Vanguard, and 1 x Proxie Rep AA Sundie (2x Walkers)

  • Working together you can share a gunner, and protect each other.
  • Parked in this V formation gives good cover to crew, while repairing and swapping weapons.
  • While providing maximum survivability and firepower.
  • IED’s are an ever present threat and only countered by Mineguard.
  • Your support vehicle will save the tank as the tank saves it – TEAMWORK OP.
  • Always save your shield until absolutely necessary.
  • Try to keep your tank ‘Hull Down’ and support vehicle hidden.
  • The enemy won’t know why your tank is so tough.
  • Protected by the AAA and spitfire warning of C4 saboteurs.
  • Your AAA support vehicle can be used as cover.
  • Repair the sunderer as the tank is repaired for free
  • This strategy has pulled my tank and it’s AA sundie through unbelievable situations
  • When repped up, return to the offensive

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