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Zeta Unit [ZE7A] Member Videos


DarklFlight is ZE7A’s resident Light Assault specialist.  While DarkFlight does casually acknowledge Gravity’s existence, he refuses to bow to it’s demands and become a foot-peasant (Apart from when he’s in a MAX…..;-)  (dark likes to drink Milk and Honey before going to bed)

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Shockwave is ZE7A’s Harasser Expert, and damn handy in a good fight too. Everything Shocky needs to say is collected onto his decent collection of Sound Files on his Soundboard. Other than that he’s a known time traveller always playing 360-420ms into the FUTURE.

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IBeBlack is ZE7A’s resident Vanu Shitter.  He likes to get all dressed up of an evening in his tightest-fitting little pink number, or purple frock if it’s a special occassion, & then turn up uninvited to the big NC boys party to flash a bit of leg, show off his fancy new heels and blow kisses with his glitter lipstick.

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The Main ZE7A Unit Outfit OFFICIAL™ Channel

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