Why doesn’t Planeside 2 offer server transfers?

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Cyrious Gaming discussion on server switches, merges, lag-switchers (or actually, the lack of them), and resetting during infantry fights. As usual, a very good watch. Link to Youtube here. Video Timestamps:-  ✦ Yes, DBG, has considered Server Transfers 0:00 - 0:55 ✦ Opportunity Cost 0:55 - 1:40 ✦ Server Health [...]

Shocky NC Banned – Interview and 30mins Raw Footage

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A SHOCKING INTERVIEW ShockyNC Got Banned - So Here Is 30 Minutes Raw Footage On a New Account 30 Minutes Raw Footage RECURSION SESSION STATS: Duration: 29 Minutes Kills: 53 (Kills Per Hour...100+) Kill/Death Ratio: 3.53 Headshot Ratio: 45.3% So, Shockie did a RAW 30 minute video [...]

Sexy Medic Triage

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Medic Triage Things That You Never Hear In Teamspeak..."OMFG, I just maxed out my Triage!!!".... It's all....Situational... Everything is situational.  Apart from having something to kill enemies with. Triage is not usually one of the hottest topics during Ops, or at any other time in Teamspeak.  I've never heard of [...]