Notes: Base Smash 10th September 2016

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Notes: Base Smash 10th September 2016 August 2016 Thanks to DocAmmo & Platinum for all the Planning & Organising First things first - kudos particularly to Doc & Plat - they put in a lot of hours this week, including training Thursday, and then more on Friday I think, and then Live on Briggs [...]

Infantry Loadouts & 1v1 Practice, August 2016

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SL-30 Spec Ops - Infantry Loadouts & 1v1 Practice August 2016 What We Covered Nice little test run last week with PooEyes, Emeny, Vashiden, Bishop - apologies to Emeny for the cock-up in arrangements my end last week - but we got that sorted for this week ;-) This week we had a [...]