Basic Training – Air and Repair Galaxies

>>>Basic Training – Air and Repair Galaxies
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    Basic Training – Air and Repair Galaxies

    The focus here is on:

    • Teamwork
    • Being within range to protect the Galaxies
    • Calling out Targets
    • Discipline as wing-men when resupplying for more Ammo etc (see Part 5 of Hader’s ESF Tutorials here – ‘Wingman/Squad Comms & Tactics‘)

    Quick Script for anyone to run training.

    5/10 minutes max.

    Squad Details:

    • 1 Galaxy: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner.
    • Rest of squad: ESF’s
    • 6 per squad is good – so 2 small squads if more than 6 online


    • 2 rep gals* – walkers
      • *If in VR first  – use Ammo Gals instead to practice re-supplying
      • ESF’s with Vorteks & no mag size / no ammo cap so more re-ups with Galaxies required.


    • Stock will do – (with Vorteks if practising with Ammo Gals in VR)
    • If anyone needs a loadout –
    • Fire sup. Stealth. Default nosegun / or for armour – can try Kestrel.
    • Mag size. Ammo capacity. (don’t use these in VR when practising with Gals.)


    A) e.g. in VR –

    • “Galaxies patrol platoon to Charlie waypoint (any 2 waypoints to patrol will do)
    • Galaxy pilots – practise rotating positions as if under fire – one go up or under & cross over, then vice versa.
    • Reavers – Call out & focus 1 target, then re-supply at Galaxies.
    • ESF’s practise
      • Calling out Target
      • Focus-firing
      • Escorting each other back to Gals after every kill for Ammo.
      • *Note – ESF’s drill approaching from rear to minimise lag-stomp collisions, etc etc.

    B) From Warpgate

    • *If rolling out with no VR first –
      • Hit e.g. a Tech Plant / Bio Lab for Gal pilots to practise full speed drops & basic formation en-route
      • Ask Gal Pilots to make a note of Altitude when going through e.g. Tech Plant floors – maybe around 47m or so – useful for other members of squad to know if not used to pulling Gals regularly during OPS.
    • Group up at Warpgate – Rep Gals & Reavers
    • Alpha & Bravo Galaxies at 500m, 1 gunner each.
    • Alpha ESF’s low – 100m
    • Bravo ESF’s high – 600m
    • Protect the Galaxies as long as possible, use for reps.
    • Hunt armour / spawns / air / as required.

    Job done.

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