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    Basic Training – Galaxy Drops

    • Quick Format for anyone to run training.
    • Key is to be grouped up in Gals, on waypoint, in 60 seconds.
    • Then focus on the orders.

    Squad Details:

    • 4 Squads (for Waypoints)


    • Stock Galaxies


    • House-keeping basic shit –
    • “Comms check – Platoon to Squad Leads, come in”
      “Squad Leaders, get your comms check with squad done & give me 1 stock Galaxy per Squad please. 3 engineers, pilot, gun 2 & gun 4 manned.
    • “On the Platoon waypoint in 60 seconds grouped up please.
      Gimme a Sit Rep on Waypoint & await further orders.
    • When Grouped Up
    • Set new waypoints for Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Delta. Easy ground anywhere.
    • Advise SL’s to set their Squad Waypoint on their Platoon Waypoints

    First step – Explain 1, 2, and 3 below.

    • “Clear comms, this is Platoon lead, Squad Leaders come in”
    • “On all 3 types of the drops I’ll explain, pilots, maintain full speed. Hot Drop Practise.”
    1. First Run – Okay… – First practise run.

      Pilots, call the drop with a standard “3,2,1, drop-drop-drop” call
      Passengers hit ‘E’ as soon as you hear the call to Drop.

    2. Second Run

      Pilots call a countdown on approach of 3,2,1
      passengers hit ‘E’ when they see the waypoint.

    3. Third Run

      Pilot give a 3,2,1, then hit the ‘Locked’ key – page down on the keyboard –
      Lock the vehicle as you hit Waypoint.

    Squad Leaders Orders

    Run through 1,2 & 3 a couple of times, and then report back to platoon on which method gets you on the waypoint the most accurately.

    You’ve got 10 minutes, then we roll out to fight, Squad Leads, over to you, report back to Command in 10.

    Drop this link in Platoon Chat if anyone needs to see 1,2,3 above.

    (Command in TS to plan Ops, play poker, darts etc…. poke if required.)
    Job done.

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