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    I run my engineer very supportively.

    Primary – NS-AM7 Archer. It kills MAXes in 2 headshots, and can take down ESFs in 7 shots. Low rate of fire, but very punishing if you hit your shots. 2 headshots to kill an infantry, or 1 headshot and 2 body shots. Run laser and 4x zoom if you want to stay mid to long range, or straight pull bolt and 12x for long to render range shots.

    Secondary – Commissioner/Blackhand, or Desperado. Use laser/darklight to counter those close range infiltrators and defend yourself and whoever you’re protecting with extreme efficiency. Pistol should be your go to for killing light infantry.

    Suit – Being a support engineer, you’re going to be repairing MAXes and vehicles alot. Use flak armor to reduce the explosive damage, or explosives pouch for that extra 2 tank mines that you might use to blow up a sunderer or MBT.

    Turret – Flexible. You might sometimes find yourself in an enclosed environment. In these cases, an anti infantry turret is ideal for mowing down waves of enemies running at you and your MAX. In open scenarios, an anti vehicle turret would be better for harassing those vehicles looking to kill your spawn solutions and your supporting vehicles.

    Utility – Tank mines or C4. Tank mines are better all round as they can kill MAXes and vehicles at the same time, while C4 is better when attempting to kill enemies behind a wall or around a corner.

    All in all, this engineer build is for those who want to support their vanguard units on the front lines, and eliminate those few stragglers and flankers who look for easy targets to kill.

  • Bishop341BBishop341B
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    (Hey Strafe – moved this reply to Beavo’s loadout, to it’s own Topic – good loadout info)

  • PeRXeRs
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    Yo Starfing. Your loadout and everything is great. But whats the matter of all this guns and stuff if you don’t use it during off, because you are not there? 😛

    Man, get involved again – would love to see you more active again 🙂

    • StrafingHunter
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      Yeah, IRL caught up with me. Having to rush 3D models for a cessna 310 within 2 months takes quite a lot out of me. I try to put time into games, but there’s like never enough time to study….so yeah

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