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  • Unikrom
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    I’ve heard some talk recently that struck a cord with me. Largely because it was based around strategy and the utilization of troops. Honestly what I heard bugged me a lot.

    I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve played Planetside 1 & 2 off and on for over a decade now. During that time I ran with a number of different outfits on all 3 factions. And I’ve seen the best and the worst that this game has to offer.

    The best advice I could give people regarding this game is to not focus so much on traditional tactics and maneuvers. It’s not going to do you any good at all. Traditional tactics and strategy relies on individuals to act as a real life army. Which isn’t going to happen on either side no matter how hard you try.

    Here are some key things to remember:

    1) If you attack any enemy base that doesn’t have a lot of activity during an alert you are going to get pop dumped. It may not be immediately either. Some groups like to wait until the last moment to drop in.

    2) Static defenses only hold as long as the enemy doesn’t have the courage or organization to push. So defending outside with a reaction force to handle a point flip behind you is more likely to succeed. As the attackers push harder the defense can move back as needed and prolong the fight.

    3) Splitting your forces can be a useful way to determine how awake the enemy is, who is redeploying to defend bases, and forcing the enemy to split their own forces. “Winning” isn’t always about defeating the enemy as much as it is about giving your empire the opportunity it needs to push on a difficult objective or finding out what groups are active so you can figure out how to best counter them.

    4) The Zerg armies are very single minded. They are looking for the next fight. Beyond that they don’t care. That being said the Zerg can be guided through Sunderers. If you want to stop a Zerg you don’t worry about the troops. You focus on the spawns. You can also get them to swarm non-essential areas or unconnected bases by baiting them into a fight.

    5) A Bio labs generator and spawn should be taken down before ever touching a point. Bio labs draw the farming outfits and other “l33t” players who are only focused on stat-padding. Unless your objective is to get a brawl going that’ll tie up a massive number of people you need to disable to Bio before the enemy realizes you’re there.

    6) There are 4 key things that will win or lose a fight: Teamwork, Aggression, Communication, and Tenacity. Which ever side has all 4 is going to win.

    7) When a point has been over run at a base and the enemy is dug in the best strategy is to pull out. Then come back from the connecting base and set up soft spawns outside while hunting and destroying the enemy soft spawns. Then sweeping in and clearing the point from there.

    8) When your team is flying in a galaxy or driving in a sunderer it is always best to hold fire unless you get fired on. Unless your goal is to draw fire.

    9) The VS on Connery are largely a very organized group. They don’t run a lot of public squads and have a number of organized and skilled outfits. They tend to focus on VP generators during alerts. They tend to respond quickly to threats during alerts. Once you clear them from a base they tend to come back in aircraft before switching to tanks and spawn points to push back to the base they got kicked from.

    10) The TR on Connery are pretty organized and run a lot of public squads. There are a number of large groups that run organized outfits. They tend to focus more on bases than VP generators during alerts. They respond to threats during alerts but they usually don’t show up in force until it’s getting down to the wire. They have good pilots but they tend to gravitate towards tanks and harassers more.

    11) The NC on Connery are largely disorganized. There a couple outfits that try to organize a little but it usually is something along the lines of “OK everyone fight in this area”. They focus mainly on bases during alerts. They actually respond fairly well to threats during alerts but usually with not enough population or to late. There are some good pilots but they tend to do better with armor. At least when they are supported.

    12) Above all watch your map, study how the enemy is moving, learn the bases they always go for, and plan your strategy accordingly.

    That’s just a few things but I’m willing to post up some more stuff if ya’ll want. I’m trying not to step on toes here. Especially since I’m still fairly new. If ya’ll want I can provide a lot of insight, suggestions, and advice regarding a lot of stuff with organization that I worked on for the old outfit I was in.

  • MadDog Morgan
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    Thanks Unikrom, a lot of useful tips.

    RE: Biolabs, yes a lot of players are not aware of that biolab cap trick.

    1) Take down the generator, 2)take down the SCU, 3)flip A B C.
    The timer is fast when you flip all three points. By the time they look at the map and see their biolab ticking down they can’t direct spawn and are unable to mount a decent attack from a satellite base in time. That is the ultimate ghost cap.

  • Bishop341BBishop341B
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    Nice Uni – all makes sense.

    Don’t worry about toes 😉

    Yeah – biolabs – everyone in ZE7A should be aware that, in an ideal world, we hit the Gen > then SCU.

    The ideal world often doesn’t exist though, and any number of random public players will flip any of the points while the Gen/SCU is counting down, at which point now, with the faster timer, hit all the points and hope.

    Again, if FPS Korea are anywhere around, they’ll be trying the back-cap to force you to hit a point and complicate matters.

    It’s not often I see a text-book BioLab cap, but they can be done.

    On the leadership ideas front – Perx is always happy for someone else to stick their hand up for Squad / Platoon lead during Ops so he can go Jackhammer Heavy Shitter crazy 😉

    So if you want to put some of this into practise, just give a shout during Ops briefing & you can take the helm for 30 minutes, and hour, whatever you feel like. All good.

    If you want to write anything up – awesome. We can stick the above, and anything else that you write, into the Strategy & Tactics section of the Battle Library.

    If you want, I’ll hook you up with an Editor login for the main part of the website if you want to do it yourself – or happy to copy/pasta for you & set the pages up, with attribution to you of course for the content.


  • Unikrom
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    Sorry about the delay on this. Had to step away for a while. I’m still finishing up my college stuff but luckily it’s a bit lighter load. So you will be seeing me around a bit more in the coming months. I’m going to try and make it to OPs but I can’t always guarantee it.

    True text book Bios don’t always happen but you can stack the odds in your favor. Mainly by starting off with locking down the spawn and generators. If the blue’s flip the points that’s on them but you can get in position before the enemy response really comes in to try and help push the odds in your favor. I honestly despise Bio’s because of just terrible the fights are and how much of a pop sink they are.

    I’ll see about stepping up once in a while to help lead. I have a lot of experience with my previous group and I’m willing to share it. Honestly the tactical side of Planetside is what really gets me coming back again and again. There’s nothing like it out there.

    I’ll try writing some stuff up but a lot of it is better through experience. I’ve already walked 3 guys through basic flight training and even learning how to zero in on their mouse sensitivity. I also know 2 good gun drills as well as basic armor tactics as well.

    Once all this school stuff is done I’ll see about stepping up more. One thing I would like to learn more about is effective recruiting. I’ve never been very good at it but if I can learn I’ll be willing to help get some more US time zone players pointed to the website.

    One thing I would like to do as well is sit down with some of the Officers and Leaders. I just want to get more of a feel for how ya’ll are wanting to proceed. Maybe share some of the insights I’ve had over the years. But like I said I’m not interested in stepping on toes or messing with what’s already in place. Just want to share some of my own experiences.

  • Bishop341BBishop341B
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    Good stuff –

    Yep – just shout when ready Uni – once your college work load is lower.

    Always happy to have people step up to lead – like I said before – just shout before Ops that you’d like PL / SL for 30 minutes / hour / full ops – whatever.

    We’ve barely had an Officer’s meeting during the time you’ve been busy – summertime – holidays – Leadership have been busy too with RL / work / family / kids off school etc.

    But – we should resume those soon when it’s back to B.A.U.

    You’re welcome to drop in & throw some ideas around / ask questions etc before leading, no probs.

    On the recruiting front – obviously Perx is damn good at it – but Platinum’s also got the purple Commanders Helmet for the leadership directive – PooEyes (in the middle of his PhD at the moment, so not on much) is a very effective recruiter, as is Birniee & a few others. Personally – usually the kids have made sure my ‘get up & go’ has gone before I get online – so I lead, but don’t have the zest & vigour to be super enthusiastic about it.

    In addition to basic leading stuff – there’s loads of really simple things we can do when leading though – or even just in a Squad – that still get the Outfit name out & about…….

    Using Region chat during ops – I’ve got a simple copy/pasta that I try to remember to smash in the chat window at the start of Ops:-

    /regionsay ZE7A Unit Combined Arms Platoon is open, with infantry, air, armour squads. Join Us

    or something simple like that, that I can just hit the up arrow for / hit Ctrl & V again. Everytime you hit a new base / region / lane, it’s easy to drop that out there. I don’t think it works in the Warpgate for some reason if you’re back there to pull armour or whatever, but everywhere else, it works I think.

    And Proxie Chat seems to be really under-used when leading – or just when pushing in general (got this one from Sp8s – another effective leader / recruiter – out of action for another few months playing sport and chasing Canadian ladies).

    If you use that as well as Squad / Platoon chat, surprisingly, you (sometimes 😉 get a bunch of NC moving when you call the breach too. Not reliable, but works often enough to be worth a keybind / temporary bind for Ops on your mouse if you have one spare. I just announce something like ‘pushing in 5, reload & re-up boys’ – then a ‘3,2,1, nades in, nades in’ and then a ‘push push push’. Surprisingly it works a lot. Or just for calling out points that are flipping in multi-point bases – somebody usually deals with it then or probably relays it to their squad, whatever.

    ORDERS chat is another one that’s probably under-used. Really good for calling in Libs, who love juicy armour, amongst other things, e.g. –

    /ORDERS - Ton of TR armour at Briggs Labs for NC Libs and air - approach from J908, Mao SW hot.

    That was Platinum’s intel from the air to me on one occassion while I was SL – but nothing stopping you using /regionsay again for that sort of thing if not leading.

    In fact, all of that ‘general comms’ stuff can be done for proxie and /regionsay by ZE7A’s not leading, and reduces the burden on SLs & PL too.

    Personally I’m also a huge fan of Defensive / Offensive waypoints – again, like the Proxie chat – it’s not a guarantee – but a lot of the time if I look at the map and see a friendly base start ticking down that’s off our lane / not convenient to spawn at for us – I just throw a Defensive waypoint on it- I think those have an influence on spawn options for the faction as a whole if I remember rightly – and likely as not, the cap gets stopped when a few players spawn there. It’s kind of a fire-forget-and-hope, but works often.

    Anyway – I guess I’m saying there’s loads you can do even when not SL / PL to ‘assist’ leadership & influence the fight / push / platoon recruitment, etc etc.

    And any ZE7A member is more than welcome to do that during Ops, anytime. Probably only needs 1 member per squad covering the above, and that’s plenty – so if you don’t see it being done, just jump on it.

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