Platinum’s Platoon Leading: CRACKING THE FORTRESS

Map Strategy

Important Terms.

1: Logistical Hub Facilities

These facilities are the most important to keep an eye on. These will determine what forces are available to both friendlies and enemies and which directions they will most likely enter the contested area from. When planning your attack or defense you must look at surrounding bases and anticipate what forces the enemy will respond with. EG: Auraxis Firearms can be reinforced by all land vehicles from all directions but they must approach over the bridge same as attacking forces making the bridge the focus of fighting. (Assumed knowledge of the facility)

2: High Value Facilities

High strategic importance and hence psychological value facilities are ones which in ideal circumstances will be hotly defended. Xelas Bio Lab, Splitpeak Pass, Auraxis Firearms Corp are the ones being focused on. Others in the map are Tumas Tech Plant, Subterranean Nanite Analysis, Barrik Electrical.

3: Buffer Facilities

Low importance facilities which are of little logistical importance and low strategic importance every facility not named in 1 and 2 are what I consider secondary unimportant “time buffers”

Applying Pressure in All The Right Places

When viewing the image of the wrestlers we immediately see the use of the joints as points to exert force through but also are points of weakness that can be exploited. The Logistical Hub and High Value facilities are the joints and the buffers are the bones. When targeting the shoulder first you grasp the wrist and begin applying pressure. You remember your over arching objective and take steps to setup the desired circumstance.

Objective: Xelas Bio Lab

On the map, you can see that the NC has captured Xelas Bio Lab, cutting off 4 territories and a base. This was achieved by exerting pressure on Auraxis Firearms Primarily and Xelas Secondarily. The attack at Auraxis is merely a diversion that included a few major considerations.

Map Strategy

1: Are both of the targets prepped for attack?

Xelas West Airdock and AuraxiCom Substation buffer bases must be secured first. This is why I consider these bases “buffers” this is their primary strategic function. They simply allow and disallow attacks to facilities that actually matter.

2: Attack Secondary Target, with Primary Force

Now that the primary (Xelas) and secondary (Auraxis Firearms) targets are prepped for attack send the bulk of your forces to the fight which has the HIGHEST psychological and strategic importance which has been designated the secondary target. This is done with enough time to plan your forces and move out in good order for a prolonged siege (Galaxy and Valkyrie Drops only to gain a slight time advantage) Sunderers with escorts and all guns manned move out to attack ideally with Aerial scouts. REMEMBER: Your Primary Force attacks the Secondary Target.

3: Attack Primary Target, With Secondary Force

Your secondary force should be about a third to a quarter of you available strength and sent to the PRIMARY target (Xelas) slightly after your main force has engaged the secondary target. This will have the effect of causing the opposing commander to order a rescue of the critical target while unwittingly leaching much needed defenders from the lab. The larger the fight and the better prepared your troops for a long siege at Aurasis the better. Your troops will love you for setting up a mad fight and enemy forces will be torn between 2 vital targets they must scramble to defend.

4: If both Attacks Fail, You Win The Initiative

If both attacks simultaneously fail don’t worry in the slightest. You have captured the initiative and both clocks will be locked into your offensive and their defensive for some time allowing you to simply switch focus from one target to the other until one cracks. This is where the Galaxy dropship is really useful. Have a Galaxy hover out of sight as one attack fails so your troops can immediately transfer from a very hot failed attack into a low pop partially capped base for the easy win.

5: Remember all this is only possible with the capture of the buffer bases.

Always keep an eye on what bases are vulnerable to attack and aware of your offensive or defensive stance.

Your offensive stance is secured when your High Value and Logistical Hubs in your area are all safe behind at least 1 buffer base. When planning your attacks always try to remember what it feels like to be in a situation where you don’t know which facility you should defend. Carefully plan your enemies logistical nightmare. Apply pressure in places they will have difficulty reinforcing and be waiting with TONS of AAA to eradicate the hasty Gal drop. This a very satisfying moment as a leader when you force the hand of your opponent allowing you to predict their movements and annihilate them.

Ooooh, back when I were a lad in short trousers, and all this was fields….

One time I attacked an important facility and ordered many burster maxes to be ready watching the horizon in the direction of the obvious hasty ineffective Galaxy reinforce and when they opened fire it was GLORIOUS. Zeta cap during one of the last battles of a victorious NC fight when the alert was in the balance. BOOM BABY! HOO RAR! That’s how we do it! Maximum firepower right where you need it.

That concludes the first installment of a series of Blogs on Platoon Leading. The lesson is to control he situation using the enemies prioritization against him and to use the initiative gained to successfully divide the fight and snatch the prize from under their nose while you distract them with smoke and explosions.

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