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Medal Of Honour


This page is dedicated to great NC players on Briggs, which deserved our biggest respect and thanks because of their efforts and great cooperation!

We are with you friends!

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit

BrackOBoyO deserves a special mentioning. He was/is one of the most capable Leaders in the Planetside universe and he taught Zeta leaders, at the very beginning of our outfit history, how to use superior tactics and management for squads and platoons in all circumstances. Although never intended, he shaped our outfit into its current form, as a very fast and capable force against any enemy.

CaptainThirsty is the leader of the strongest NC outfit on Briggs called D1RE. Although superior in player skills, he does not hesitate to regroup his forces with our ZE7A teaching squads and treat everybody with the highest respect possible..

All the above mentioned player earned their respect through intense game play with our squads and being unbelievably constructive and effective. Also because of their readiness to take squad leads in our platoons.

Sootyfu and Temporus were once our regular bravo and charlie lead and both proved their enormus capability in teamwork and leading their people under all circumstances.

Vanuz was one of the first NC who reached BR 100 on Briggs. He is one of the kindest players on our server and he creates a special spirit in our forces whenever he join.

Wenz is by far one of the best players in Briggs and maybe in the whole Planetisde universe. In the past he reached a K/D of 10 as BR 100 and was/is still absolutelly cooperative in our or any squads and supports everybody wherever he can. As a good friend of us he has Zeta’s deepest respect.

Non NC members

In some occasions, we were confronted with an unbelievable amount of mutual respect by TR or VS players. To show them our appreciation, we are proud to award them with our medal of honor.

During a ZE7A mentor squad exercise, where we had regrouped in a building to explain some basics to the new players, two scythes attacked us. I asked them to move away and explained that we are a mentor squad. PrayingVantis, the pilot of 1 of the Scythes apologized and both aircraft left the territory. This kind of behavior is very unique and deserves our respect. Thank you PrayingVantis.

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