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Deputy: Sp8z

To ensure a highly adaptable and up-to-date community leadership, ZE7A votes for 3 officers all 6 months. This system will not only give all members the chance to be part of the community leadership, it will also keep people motivated to get active for the team.

Although there are no obligations related to that role, Officers must be aware of the responsibilities they hold towards the Community and the expectations of its members. As an Officer you have the role to ensure a respectful, fun and enjoyable platform for our members and visitors, based on our rules and guidelines. They also need to make sure that every voice is heard, if complaints come up, regardless of their personal position.

As a democratically elected position, they enjoy a high position in the hierarchy and are allowed to speak for Zeta Unit, if required.

They have to step in to reduce tensions, if needed and manage potential issues with members. Officers and their opinion always play a strong role, if our Community leadership needs to make any kind of decision.

Officers have the responsibility to run Outfit Ops and constantly work on new ideas or hold training sessions to improve our procedures or ingame performance. Moderator permissions will allow Officers to manage our Team Speak Server and perform any required activity.

Officers are also expected to show a higher willingness to lead ingame squads and platoons and to actively recruit suitable person.

Regular High Command meetings on weekends before Ops will ensure a fluent exchange of information and arguments to provide an efficient and fair acting leadership.

To be a ZE7A officers means to have management position and the quality of our community and organization will be always based on the activity and quality of the Officers themselves.

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