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Command Structure

Zeta Unit Outfit Briggs Server Planetside 2 Command Structure

Officer Voting takes place every 6 months with every Zeta Member rank Private & above being eligible to vote.  The Officer has free choice of their Deputy.

Community Democracy


Our outfit is a very healthy community and we want to keep it like that!

To provide maximum transparency towards our members regarding all kinds of decisions by our Leadership, we have established a sustainable Command Structure.

Officer Duties

As Members, we vote on our Leadership, and trust them to make the right decisions for the Outfit, organising behind the scenes in the Command Channel as required.  This to avoid ‘Committee-itis’ (e.g. everything getting discussed, nothing getting done 😉

For larger events such as Server Smash, or Base Smash, or Ops with another outfit, this may involve Command making decisions in the best interests of Zeta when in discussions with others.  However – all decisions are openly & transparently discussed either during the main Outfit Ops briefing on Sunday, or immediately after this Ops session.  Members are always free to ask for details on any decision, and nearly always, Officers will gather opinion on events etc during Ops, before finalising any decisions with other Zeta Officers or other Outfits.


We like to offer every Zeta Member the opportunity to be part of the Outfit Leadership. For this reason, we have chosen to vote twice annually on who should fulfil Officer Rank responsibilities on behalf of Zeta Unit outfit members.

Officers will be elected by all our non-recruit members, where the veterans provide the electoral base for the officer voting.

Responsibility & Service

Always remember, the Officer Rank is not one to be taken lightly, or one to be under-appreciated by non-Officers.  They often spend hours of their own time when not in-game, organising behind the scenes, running public squads for recruitment or purely for the benefit of public players amongst other activities, depending on their preference / role.  Also bear this in mind when putting yourself forward for voting nomination for the role of Officer.  It is not a shiny title to pin on your chest, it is a very serious, very intense 6 months of Service during which you are expected to leave Zeta in a better condition than when you started your term.

For these reasons, you will also likely finish your Officer service term as a better player and will have learned a few things about yourself on a personal level, with more experience of leadership skills in general that apply to real life situations – dealing with different personalities constructively, brain-storming, prioritising, organising, delegating, understanding the concept of “there is no ‘right’ idea”, and deciding when to make tough decisions quickly under pressure – and when it’s best to defer decisions until you have more information.  It will also test your endurance, determination, and will to succeed, to maintain & grow our Outfit, even when everything seems like it’s falling apart.

In short, it is tough, but also highly rewarding.


Zeta Unit Outfit, Briggs Server, Planetside 2 Command Chain

Outfit Ops

We run Outfit Ops every Saturday & Sunday and this is when we update our members about incoming events, do group training / exercises, talk about improvements and do intense teamwork-gameplay.

Outfit Ops start Saturday & Sunday. and we always meet in Team Speak:

Be there 10 minutes in advance.

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