Medical Inspection

>>Medical Inspection
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Medical Requirements

Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit

Drop ’em and Cough Please….

“If you came here expecting to sweet-talk the ZE7A Nurse, you’re more stupid than I thought, soldier!

That’s the god-damn CO’s daughter!

I’ve already torn you a new asshole for Tower Fly-By’s twice this god-damn week!!

Get your sorry ass back to barracks now, and report for duty at Oh-Five-Hundred!!!”

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Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 Outfit

The Real ZE7A Matron…

*Disclaimer: actual ZE7A nurse may differ, or be a completely different nurse, to the one depicted by the ZE7A Ministry of Propaganda

See the ‘Applications’ section here

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