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Membership Requirements

For an elite gameplay, there are some requirements, which every player should try to fulfill, to bring our effectivity to an absolute maximum.

Behaviour expectations for ZE7A are that you work as a team when in Squad, and are polite & respectful.

Mandatory:- The only mandatory item you require to join ZE7A Unit as a new Recruit, is Teamspeak, which is free.

*Recruits must be able to listen on Teamspeak for pre-Ops briefings & de-briefs (Following orders is essential, mic is not)

Recruit evaluation period:- If you want to successfully pass your Recruit evaluation period within the time limit (check for more details of Promotions here), and be awarded a Promotion to Private, you should get hold of the items below in that order, ASAP Soldier!

Gear Check:- If you want to check on what gear you have left to acquire before being awarded a Promotion from Recruit – check this page and drop your Player Name in, then hit the Search button.

Required to Join Zeta Unit

1 – Cooperation


Zeta Unit, ZE7A Planetside 2 OutfitWhy? Because we want to increase the cooperation of all NC teams on Briggs, Connery, and even across Factions & other Servers.

In the past Zeta Unit often ran platoons with Aegis7 Australia or Cannabinoid Optics, RSNC, and cross-faction Ops with Ravens (RVNX), JUGA, and many other outfits. We always appreciate other teams joining the fight and having fun with us.  As well as joining forces on the battlefield, just let us know if you want to setup a friendly scrim etc on Jaeger anytime.

All other Outfits are welcomed to contact us to get the ball rolling.  With that said, all ZE7A members are expected to be polite & follow orders immediately when in any Squad.

2 – Comms – Teamspeak


Teamspeak3Get Teamspeak & add the Zeta Channel: ts.zetaunit.com:9989

(Download the Teamspeak Client for your version of Windows here.)

*Recruits must be able to listen on Teamspeak for pre-Ops briefings & de-briefs (Following orders is essential, mic is not).  Push To Talk is of course mandatory.

See setup details here

Required For Promotion to Private

3 – Spawn Beacon


120px-Common_spawnbeacon_128x128Every outfit member should have the ability to deploy spawn beacons. If a spawn beacon gets destroyed, we can pass lead to somebody else in the squad, to deploy a new beacon and thus creating a new spawn solution.

Check this page for details on the Spawn Beacon

4 – Medical Applicator

LEVEL: 4 (Max it up ASAP)


The first thing you all should upgrade to maximum, is your medical device. Healing and reviving will be significant faster, what will increase the survivability of our squads.

See details here.

5 – (MEDIC) Grenade Bandolier


Every member should upgrade their Medic’s Grenade Bandolier to maximum and carry 4 revive grenades with them at all times. Revive grenades are the strongest tools of medics.

See details here.

6 – (MEDIC) Revive Grenades


Revive grenades are the strongest tools of medics.  Get them all.

See details here.

7 – Engineer Repair Tool


Nano-Armor_KitLike the medic, your engineer tool (Nano Armour Kit) should be upgraded to its maximum ASAP. This will allow you to repair friendly vehicles or turrets within a very short period of time. It is also much recommended to use tank mines on the roads against enemy vehicles.

See details here

8 – EMP Grenade & Grenade Bandolier



EMP Nades are vital for Breaches, as well as removing enemy Spawn Beacons & clearing mines.  You will also need Grenade Bandolier for this item to be of maximum effectiveness. (only Rank 1 Bandolier required for Promotion to Private)

See details here

9 – Engineer Ammo Pack


Optional, but highly recommended – Upgrade from Rank 4, to the maximum Rank, to allow you to throw down 2 at a time in different rooms to keep the bullets flying when it gets hot.

See details here

10 – Sunderer:


Vehicle_SundererWe strongly suggest to invest into the “deployment shield” of you Sunderer to provide maximum protection, once it is deployed. You should also invest into your “racer chassis” and be able to drive your Sunderer under all circumstances.

See details here

11 – Galaxy


Vehicle_GalaxyEverybody should be able to fly a Galaxy and bring it from one point of the map to another point. It is optional to invest some cert points in the galaxy armor and fly abilities, and in your weapons. Bulldogs with thermal vision are absolutely recommended, but don’t feel any pressure to spend thousands of certs on this during the early days of Planetside 2.

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