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ZE7A Outfit Applications

Miss Moneypenny, ZE7A HQ, will process your Application.

To Apply In-Game & get your ZE7A Tag is Simple:

  1. Send us an in-game application
  2. Write a short message with your application letting us know why you’d like to join the ZE7A Gaming Community

*Recruits must be able to listen on Teamspeak for pre-Ops briefings & de-briefs (Following orders is essential, mic is not)

ZE7A Gaming Community

Or, you can send a short email to us at [email protected], telling us why you’d like to join the ZE7A Gaming Community.

To Apply for access to the ZE7A Gaming Community Forums, AND apply for in-game Outfit Membership at the same time, just use the form below.





Are you Human?

Send an application above, or in-game, and then join us in our Team Speak to get your Permissions setup: . As a Recruit, all you need Teamspeak for is pre-Ops Briefings & de-briefs.  There’s no pressure to speak up as soon as you join the Outfit, but following orders is essential, Teamspeak is where we get organised before rolling out, whether it’s a public or private Operation.

Welcome To Zeta Unit

New Recruits

We always actively recruit new members and we take the full responsibility to train them and explain the mechanisms of the game. But we do not invite people randomly to our outfit, or accept applications at random.  A short message with your in-game application explaining why you’d like to join the ZE7A Gaming Community is sufficient to join as a Recruit.  We do not look at your skills or BR level – they will increase automatically while playing with Zeta Unit & participating in Player Training.  We also have a Group of experienced ZE7A Mentors who are available on request for 1-on-1 Training.  Just ask them on the Forums if you’d like to join the ZE7A Gaming Community.

Zeta Family

Zeta Unit, ZE7A, Planetside 2 Outfit

Zeta Outfit, Windblown Camo

Find Us

If you want to run with our Squads & Platoons you can always find a list of ZE7A Members here to add as Friends in-game, and a list of Leaders & Officers etc on the Contact Page.

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